Dual Cab Pack Premium – Floor, Door, Roof


The 4×4 Dual Cab Floor Pan, Roof + Doors Pack includes:
Pack 2 (approx 32kg)
4 Boxes (7.2sq/m) of Stage 1 Sound Deadener –  Apply to your floor pan, rear firewall, roof and door skins.
2 Boxes (3.6sq/m) Waterproof Carpet Underlay – Light weight, closed cell, peel and stick foam. At 10mm the waterproof underlay will replicate your factory underlay, reduce heat transfer and will cover your floor pan.
1 Box (1.7sq/m) Acoustic Liner – Peel & stick, 12mm thick flexible foam to cover the rear firewall.
2 Sheets (2sq/m) Insul-Layer– peel and stick foam creating a sound and heat barrier for your roof skin.
1 x Install kit – Includes 1 x application roller, 1 x utility knife, 1 x roll of foil tape
Bonus – Car Builders stubby holder and bottle opener!




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