Troopy Pack Premium – Floor, 1/4 panels, Doors


Front Floor Pan (Firewall to under front seat) Rear Quarter Panels Rear Wheel Arches Doors (incl. rear door/s) Cargo area
sound deadener 16 Sheets 12 Sheets 8 Sheets 12 Sheets
mass noise liner 2 Sheets  nil
Aluminium Tape this will be used to border sound deadener in the quarter panels and doors


Troopy Premium Floor Pan, 1/4s & Door Skins 

Pack 2  (approx 50kg)
4 Boxes (7.2sq/m) of Stage 1 Sound Deadener –  Apply to your firewall, front floor pan, under front seats, inner 1/4 panels, rear wheel arches, door skins.
2 Sheets (3sq/m) of Mass Noise Liner – Stage 2 underlay sound barrier apply to foot wells, transmission tunnel, under seats.
2 Sheets (3sq/m) of Mass Noise Liner – Stage 2 sound barrier apply to rear cargo area. (do not apply Stage 1 Sound Deadener under this) 
1 x Install kit – Includes 1 x application roller, 1 x utility knife, 1 x roll of foil tape, stubby holder & bottle opener.


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