Sound Deadener – Stage 1 – 1 Box – 1.8m – Black


Sound Deadener comes packaged in 1.8sq/m (20sq/ft) boxes, see below

– 12 sheets per box

– 2-2.2mm thick


Car Builders Stage 1 Sound Deadener is a vibration (sound) dampening mat. It consists of a butyl rubber noise absorption layer combined with an aluminium top layer.

Each box has 12 sheets, each sheet is 300x500mm and 2mm-2.2mm thick.

Car Builders butyl based Sound Deadener does not require heating, does not smell and will not go brittle over time, which are all qualities of old style tar or bitumen sound deadening materials.

Car Builders Sound Deadener has pressure sensitive butyl rubber, which is inherently sticky eliminating the risk of an adhesive layer failing.


  • Easy installation – just peel off the release liner and roll it on
  • 100% waterproof – does not rot or deteriorate
  • Cuts with scissors or a knife
  • Reduces heat transfer
  • Conforms and fuses easily to all types of sheet metal
  • No odour


  • Under carpets
  • Roof skins
  • Inside cavities
  • 1/4 panels
  • Doors
  • Boots/trunks
  • Firewalls

Colours (product is exactly the same – only the print on the aluminium changes)
Silver – Silver with black logo
Black – Black with silver logo
OEM Black – Plain black no logo


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