Toyota Landcruiser 70/80 HandBrake Upgrade SUP-79HBUP


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The factory 70/80 series handbrake is renowned for not holding well. Superior Engineering has changed the cam angle to pull more cable, this allows the operator to pull efficiently on the handle to produce the extra force needed at the handbrake shoes to hold the vehicle safely.

So if you find yourself spending hours on your 70 or 80 series Landcruiser handbrake adjustment only to be met with unsatisfactory results, this kit is for you.

Our Landcruiser handbrake upgrade kit will not fix worn or damaged brake parts , the installer must check the overall condition of all associated brake parts whilst installing the brake cam

Our 70/80 series Landcruiser handbrake upgrade kit includes:

  • Cable Ramp Plate
  • Inner Guide Plate
  • Outer Guide Plate
  • Bolt Kit
  • Drill Bit


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