Thickness:                                           16mm ±2 (5/8”)

Weight:                                                1200gsm (±120gsm)

Burn rate:                                            95mm/min (FMVSS302)

Sheet Size:                                           1.8m x 950mm



Plushlay is the ‘easy to install’ solution when it comes to selecting under carpet insulation in your vehicle. Designed to replace and improve on traditional cotton or sisal variations, Plushlay utilises a balance of density and thickness to give you a premium under foot solution, which will fit and feel like your carpet did when it was new.

– Contours to complex shapes
– Minimal cutting required
– Will not breakdown or rot
– Odourless

You can use our Spray Adhesive to glue it in position, or simply place it into position, making it removable at a later date.

If you’re chasing a factory finish and period correct look, Plushlay is the solution for you.


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