Kintech Cruiser-9 ( 600W – Battery: 48V/13AH )


MOTOR  48V 600W single motor
BATTERY 48V 13Ah Li-ion battery
MAX SPEED 25Km/h (limited to conform with Australian standards) 35~45Km/h If used in other regions or on private property
MAX DISTANCE 45km  (depends on rider weight and road surface)
MAX LOAD 110kg
UNFOLDING SIZE 1100mm X 580mm X 1180mm (Length x Width x Height)
TIRE 8.5″ pneumatic
BRAKING Front &Rear drum brake+Electric brake
THROTTLE Trigger throttle with programmable LCD
SUSPENSION Front and rear coil spring suspension
DESIGN USE commuting / sport & leisure
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The Kintech Cruiser-9 electric scooter is the perfect choice for someone looking for a strong, powerful, and compact ride for commuting, fun or recreational use.

Weighing only 15-19kg and constructed from 6061 aircraft quality aluminium the frame is compact yet tough and can easily transport riders up to 110kg.

The handlebar is adjustable to suit any riders of any height and the handle grips are foldable, making it simple to pack in the boot of a car or integrate with public transport.

Equipped with front and rear suspension the Cruiser 9 is very stable to ride and has superb handling and cornering characteristics.

The 36V/400W or 48V/600W rear brushless hub motors pack a punch and will climb steep slopes effortlessly reaching top speeds of 35-45kmh in no time.

Long commutes are no problem for the Cruiser 9, the 36V/10.4AH, 48V/13AH or 15.6AH lithium battery will cover distances of up to 25km-40km respectively without recharging.

The LCD trigger throttle is comfortable to use and is fully programable, allowing to user to modify performance settings to suit their riding style.

Low maintenance mechanical drum brakes are installed front and rear as well as adjustable electronic motor braking. The brakes are not difficult to adjust, no tools are required and can be tightened by hand if required.

Both front and rear wheels are fitted with extra thick 8.5 x 2-inch pneumatic tyres which provide great traction with all road surfaces.

Servicing punchers is a breeze due to the 2pc split rims front and rear.

Inboard LED lighting is fitted front and rear as well as backlit side rails on each side.

Overall, the Kintech Cruiser-9 electric scooter is a well-designed, compact yet powerful unit packed full of features that surpass other similar models in this class.

As with all Kintech products the Cruiser 9 comes supplied with 12 months manufacturer backed warranty.


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