Escooter HX_X7 Eco and Turbo button


The HX_X7 Eco and Turbo button is a must-have for any Escooter enthusiast who wants to optimize their riding experience. With this button, riders can easily switch between Eco and Turbo modes to get the most out of their electric scooter. The Eco mode is perfect for conserving battery life and extending the range of your Escooter, while the Turbo mode provides maximum speed and power for when you need to get around quickly.

At Eva Motors, we understand the importance of having your Escooter running at its best. That\’s why we offer a range of repair and replacement services, including fitting and replacing the HX_X7 Eco and Turbo button. You can book a service through our website, by phone, or email, and our expert technicians will have your Escooter back to its optimal performance in no time. Contact us today at \”07 48495466\” or \”\” to schedule your appointment.


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