Escooter 11″ 90/65-6.5\” TYRE OFF ROAD



the Escooter 11\” 90/65-6.5\” Off Road Tyre, the perfect accessory for your off-road adventures. Designed for durability and traction, this tyre can handle rough terrain with ease. The tread pattern provides excellent grip on dirt, gravel, and mud, while the reinforced sidewalls provide extra protection against punctures and abrasions.

Whether you\’re an experienced rider looking for a new challenge or just starting out, the Escooter 11\” 90/65-6.5\” Off Road Tyre is the perfect choice for your escooter. It\’s easy to install and compatible with a variety of escooter models.

Don\’t let a flat or worn-out tyre ruin your ride. Book a service with us today and our experienced technicians will replace and fit your new Escooter 11\” 90/65-6.5\” Off Road Tyre, along with any other repairs your escooter or ebike may need.


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